War of Attrition 

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How Does This Work?


WOA currently works with some of the most prestigious brokerages with offices - in New York, London & Hong Kong. Account opening is straight forward and simple.  

Once an account is open and funded, WOA can begin trading around 2-4 weeks after WOA is connected to the client account.


All accounts are fully 

transparent and every client

will have their own individual account held in their own name.  WOA will only have the ability to trade on the client's account with no pre-set lock up period of any kind.


WOA is paid a commission

yearly on the net profits of the accounts performance. 

Key Points

>Every client has their own account, in their own name, fully under their control at all times, directly with the brokerage.

>WOA is a machine learning trading system that has the proven track record to produce overall consistently profitable returns.

>WOA uses a high-water-mark system.

>WOA is able to run on client accounts which are high net worth individuals, businesses and funds, including US clients.

>WOA Fees 

-No account opening fee

-No management fee

-WOA receives a yearly commission rate on net profits



>WOA system x2.0  

Please contact us directly for more information for custom 

designed parameters. 







>Average consistent positive quarterly

gross returns - With a sharp ratio hovering around 3.2


>Returns are based

on current results

going back to

2019 on WOA

>WOA can build out exclusive custom specifications for clients parameters - more conservative or aggressive - by adjusting the sharp ratio and leverage of WOA. 

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Deep Industry Knowledge

Producing consistently profitable returns is no small task.  Although past successes are no guarantee of future results, we believe our state of the art technology utilizing machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (Ai) and advanced computer 

technology gives us, and our

clients, an unparalleled opportunity to continue to succeed in the world of trading.

Years of Experience

The developer of WOA, Donald Beaudry, has been in different aspects of the trading business for over 2 decades.  He is a highly experienced quant and 

financial engineer who has 

experience in Ai, ML in 

systems architecture in the financial markets and the

building out of trading systems.

For more information regarding WOA, please have a look at WOA's main website: www.woa.technology





WeWork, 33 Queen Street Place

EC4R 1AP, London, UK

Email:  info@woa.technology

Phone:  +44 20 3290 5130

WeWork, 3101 Park Blvd

Palo Alto, Silicon Valley

California, 94306 USA

Email:  info@woa.technology

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